Mini Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

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*1. Quick cleaning and easy operation. Add tap water first, turn on the switch, and the ultrasonic wave can finish cleaning the articles in a few minutes.

*2. Multi-purpose Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine: Cleaning machine can be used to clean jewelry, rings, glasses, dentures, coins, makeup brushes, makeup eggs, watches, necklaces, razors , cutlery, braces, everyday items in life, etc.

*3. Portable ultrasonic cleaning machine can clean more comprehensively. The cleaning machine adopts the ultrasonic principle to deeply fit and clean all angles of your articles.

*4. This ultrasonic cleaning machine uses the "cavitation effect" of ultrasonic waves, and is used for crevice dirt of jewelry, glasses, maternity products, cosmetic brushes and other items. High-frequency vibration deeply cleans blind areas.

*5. Ultrasonic machine make only a slight hissing noise, does not affect others, nor damage your hearing.


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